What is AICIT Computer Education? AICIT Stands for what?

AICIT Computer Education is ISO 9001-2008 Certified IT Training Organization. It is sister concern of All India Council for Information Technology. AICIT Computer Education. Is registered with ROC, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India having registration no. 208650 & Corporate Id : U72900MH2010PTC208650. Its registered office is at Mumbai and corporate offices are at Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Parbhani, Akola & Ahmadnagar.
Does AICIT Computer Education brand comply with International standards?

Organization is committed for quality & stands with international standards. AICIT Computer Education is ISO 9001-2008 Certified IT Training Organization. Assessed by Quality Management Services & approved by world famous JAS-ANZ, Australia till 07.01.2014
Does AICIT Computer Education certificates can be registered in Employment & Self Employment Directorate?
As per the notification of Directorate of Employment & Self Employment, Government of Maharashtra, letter outward no. ???????-3 / ????? / ???. ???.128 / 543 / 10 dated 05-Jan-2011.
What is ATC?
ATC is an Authorized Training Center of AICIT Computer Education Ltd, which has configuration as per norms and is authorized to conducts AICIT’s IT Sector Courses.
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What is New Center Registration?
IT Education program of AICIT is run through its Authorized Training Centers. AICIT gives authorizations to the organizations / educational institutes that are interested in achieving this mission of IT Literacy. The approval is given when the applicant successfully goes through the processes defined by AICIT. This process of granting authorizations to Applicant Organizations is called as Center Registration Process. The authorization remains valid for one calendar year and needs to be renewed every year. Renewal is subject to good performance.
What is BLC?
It is Block Lead Center is appointed and authorized by AICIT as per its norms, for discharging certain responsibilities and carrying out certain activities on its behalf.
What is Registration Fees?
• It is onetime fees to be paid towards Registration of ATC to conduct Authorized Courses of AICIT Computer Education. • Rs. 2500/- towards Onetime Registration Fee (Non-Refundable). It covers promotional Kit.
What is the procedure for ATC Registration?
• Applicant has to download application form from download section of homepage(
 • Fill it up, Attach photo.
• Scan & send it to
 • Pay Registration Fees by NEFT.
What kind of Computing Resources and Computer Set up do I require?
Minimum Computing Resources required: 1 Server + 2 Client (Min.) with Internet connectivity.
What are various documents that I need to submit?
• PAN Card Xerox • Faculty Details with bio-data • Computing Resources(Hardware) details • Site map
What is license? What are the conditions for license renewal?
• License is authority to conduct courses approved by AICIT Computer Education at specified premises for the period of one calendar year.
• On the basis of smooth financial & academic track record with overall business done, AICIT permits for renewal. license can be renewed by paying Rs. 1000/-.
If I get authorization for one calendar year & if my center does not get renewed for the next year, how much amount will be refunded?
No deposit is taken, at the time of registration; hence no question arises of refund.
How to procure AICIT Study Material?
AICIT study material is available in English and Marathi. Student Registration fees is inclusive of Study Material. Study material is sent to respective ATC by ST Parcel. Parcel Charges of the same to be borne by ATC.
Is it compulsory to give Study Material to student?
Yes! Study material must be given. Record of Issuance to be kept for reference.
Assessment of Student: How Examination is conducted?
There are two ways to conduct examination. 1. Traditional offline examination and 2. Netbased Online examination.
What is online examination?
Online Examination system (objective) is newly adopted by AICIT, in which internet connectivity is required all the time for examination. It is conducted On Demand.
How the examination is conducted?
• After registration of student, he is entitled to appear for exam. It contains objective type questions. Examinee has to choose correct option. Specific time is allotted to solve it.
• Obtained marks are displayed on screen accordingly Provisional Certificate is issued after examination.
• Final Multicolor Certificate is issued after receiving internal marks from respective ATC.
• Failure student can re-appear by paying requisite examination fees.








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